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This poetic film captures the universally passionate mother-child relationship and explores the struggle modern mothers face, as they leave their children in the care of another to go to work.

Amid the endless stream of decisions mothers make, none seems to be more fraught than the conundrum of sending their tiny loved ones to the world of childcare, for another long day apart.

'A Hard Place' is one woman's story. Through delicate imagery and soulful narration it strikes a universal chord and prompts reflection on the plight of parents and children everywhere, who may be caught between this rock and a hard place.

Length: 14 mins


Written & Directed: Kate McIntyre Clere
Stills Photographer: Sarah Smuts-Kennedy
Director of Photography: Michael McIntyre
Editor: Karen Johnson
Composer: Jo Trevathan
Cast Piripi McIntyre Clere, Kate McIntyre Clere

Women in the Director's Chair International Film Festival, Chicago
Shorts Film Festival, Adelaide
RiverRun International Film Festival, North Carolina
St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne